Too much democracy in middle east

In May situations and events became worse when the US opened its embassy in Jerusalem and very angry and violent protests took along the borders of Gaza and Israel that led to the death of more than 60 Palestinians.

Washington. 1st. June, 2018: For past few weeks, the situations in the Middle East has been bit distressing. With events like where Trump decides not to stick to Iran nuclear deal, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s 12 demands from. Tehran and with heated problems of Israel and Iran in Syria all are suspected to stir a regional war. Iran wins the Lebanese Election after Hezbollah’s coalition gets the parliamentary majority. In Iraq, the Shiite Moqtada al-Sadr overshadows the candidate supported by Americans heads the largest party of the nation.

This resulted in heated talks and accusations between the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. This led to expelling the Israeli ambassador from Ankara and created tensions between America’s two important allies.

A deeper analysis of these chaotic situations shows that public support and overwhelming democracy is adding fuel to this fire.

Since 1946 US foreign policy made sure that democracy remained within the limits of public best interest. Up till Obama, all former US presidents felt the importance and vitality of democracy.

But the situations in the Middle East are going beyond madness. And that is all because of excessive democracy. With people taking everything into their own hands, Middle East seems to have lost law and orders and has become a chaotic mess. This excess of democracy in the Middle East has led to violence and extremist attitudes of people.

Although Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, many nationals of Iran still believe that Iran should continue with its nuclear programmes. 98 percent of Iranian nationals are in the favor of that nuclear power is their right. Although Trump has a belief that if ayatollahs in Iran are finished and Iran gives up links with terrorists then Iranians can accept America. As there are so many disputes regarding economic and other policies but the matter of nuclear power binds all national as one strongly.

The public support for Hamas in Gaza has to gruesome results. Although the situations where people had to face a lot of problems of hunger, bloodshed, and loss of life, people continued to support it leading to terrible events.

Netanyahu has gained popularity among the public as he has stopped supporting any kind of peace between Israel and Palestine. A majority of Israelis do not approve of any peace with Palestine. And also his move of getting America’s embassy to Jerusalem has gained a lot of attention and popularity. Erdogan’s moves and policy, which too are causing mayhem in the Middle East have gained much support from the nation. Such public democracy is destructive.

Stability in the Middle East is observed where dictatorship is prevalent. Like in Egypt where the public will have less to no impact on government policy. This is because the head does not feel answerable to the Egyptian nationals.

Public Comments

The public dominance in the Middle East is acting as the major cause of regional disturbances and conflicts. Observing such situations, US might want to consider that how to control democracy and keep it within limits so it does not create problems.

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