The elder son of U.S. president Donald Trump claims that there is a resemblance of Democratic Party with Nazis from Germany which was Germany’s famous party of the early 1930s. He also says that the classes of history are also biased about the conservatives.

In his video posted on Thursday, Jack Posobiec had an interview session with the Donald Trump Jr. in which Trump Jr. says that the current democratic party is similar to the Nazis from Hitler’s reign in Germany and objected on the history that has been taught to the students in their history classes.

He said that in actual history, not the one we have taught about the Nazis and how they evolved. We can see that the platform of the democratic party today has some similarity to them. We will get shocked for a second and say that there is a considerable resemblance between both of these platforms. Both parties are perfectly aligned, and they both are opposing the right.

He said and opposed the academics by saying that the history taught in the academics is biased and influenced by the left ones. He warned the listeners about the academic history and tried to convince them about changing their beliefs by knowing about the actual history of the Nazis and then compare it with the Democratic party’s platform and their history.

He says that it is scary to think about the biased and influenced history that everyone knows and when we search about the actual history and find the resemblance between the Nazis and the current democratic party. It scares us to think about the Democratic platform and how they are heading like the German’s Nazi party.

After all that talk, he said that when I made the public realise about the resemblance of Nazi and democratic platforms, some of the protestors started backlash by calling us Nazis and they tried to accuse us that the Republicans are similar to the Nazis. They shout at us by saying us, Bloody Murderer. The main reason behind this problem is the academia and our media that is selling the false narrative and making false statements to prove us wrong. They claim that we are heading towards a system that was similar to the Nazis which is insane.

He added that Nazis are the workers of the party that are gathered by the beliefs of a Dictator Adolf Hitler. While on the other side it is believed that the promotion of racist culture is not at all comparable by the U.S. Democratic Party.

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