The first woman upon wearing the veil and refusing to remove it got charged in Denmark.

She was a 28-year-old woman, and she refused to remove her niqab in public. In a shopping centre of Horsholm, another woman tried to rip her niqab off in public, and she refused, that’s where the fight begins. This place is just 15 miles away from the well-known city Copenhagen.

After the fight, police arrived and demanded the woman to remove her veil. They reviewed the CCTV of that fight and then upon her refusal to remove the hijab; they decided to charge her with a fine of 1000 kroner. They asked her to remove the head cover or to leave the public place. The woman decided to leave the place, and she paid the fine. She did not agree to their demand of removing the veil.

After the matter was disclosed, the police officer said that the niqab of the woman came off during the fight but when we arrived at the spot she was wearing the veil again.

The legislation got into effect in Denmark on the 1st of August. The new law suggests that the police will have a right to ask any woman with a veil to remove it in the public area. Not just women, it was said that the police have a right to ask any person in the country to ask for the removal of the face and head cover at any place. Everyone is bound to follow this rule, and if they do not comply with the order of the police, they will be charged with a fine and sent home.

Apart from the veils, the new law bans any kind of face covers like masks, balaclavas, false beard or any other accessories.

On the other hand, many people are protesting against this veil ban, and they wore the veils to support the people and their freedom of clothing choices. They have challenged the aim of this new law and said that this is not about the protection of women’s right. They say that if the purpose of this ban and a new order is to protect the women, they have already failed to provide protection to the woman by charging her the fine and asking her to remove it.

The police officer explained that the protestors are allowed to have veils on their faces, and they would not get charged with any fine as this is the case of freedom of expression and they are exempt from this law.

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