Deven Davis with Jonathan Davis

The Wife of Korn Lead Singer Died At 39

This Friday, the wife of Korn lead singer has died at the age of 39. The major reasons of the death were reported to be the drug issues and there was a request filed by the Jonathon Davis against the domestic violence restraining order. The ceased woman named Deven Davis was the wife of singer Jonathan Davis, and they both were separated. In 2004, Jonathan Davis and Deven Davis were both got married and his wife was previously a porn star. They both had 2 children together.

In October 2016, the singer Jonathan Davis filed for divorce after 12 years of their marriage due to some irreconcilable differences among the couple. On 17th of August 2018, Jonathan Davis filed for the request for restraining order against the domestic violence case.

The judge in return issued a temporary order that restrain Deven from visiting her children as well as it also blocks the children custody. This order also restrains her to visit and meet the family dog named Chaos, she would not have any contact with the dog too.

As per the reports, Deven Davis was not aware of the case of this restraining order being filed by Jonathan and she was not been served. According to Jonathan, Deven was also into the heavy drugs and he accused that Deven had been struggling with the drug abuse for more than 20 years. He also said that this addiction of mother was harming the children emotionally. He alleged that she was dependent on the prescribed as well as the illegal drugs. She went to rehab for 6 times.

Still there were days when she did something unbearable in my house, claimed the husband. He said that she invited many of the strangers including some of my fan to my master bedroom and let them try my clothes too that is why I have requested for the restraining order.

According to the doctors, Deven was in the sober home but went missing for a week last Friday. They said they don’t know the exact cause of her death yet.


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