According to the gathered data and the statistics, president trump had sent total number of 45 tweets in the days between 16th October to 6th November regarding the Mexican and US border. Between 16th and 31st October total 9 tweets had been made by him in whom he mentioned about the caravan that is making its way towards US while crossing the Mexican border.

He in his tweet wrote that there are a lot of gang members as well as some bad people who are the part of the caravan which is heading towards the southern border of US. He wrote and said them to go back by writing a statement that they wouldn’t be allowed to enter the US unless they verify themselves by undergoing a complete legal process and that this is basically the invasion of US and military there would be waiting for the caravan. Since 6th November till now, Trump hadn’t made even a single tweet regarding that caravan issue.

He once used the word border in a tweet he had made on 9th November where he posted a link for the president’s proclamation of addressing the huge migration through the US southern border and that said especially that he was trying his best so that the people could be stopped and pushed away from entering the US from any illegal conduct. Well, a complete discrepancy has been found among the rhetoric run up in the election and the way trump expresses, behind the shades of doubt presenting the most national observers at first which suspected that trump has made the decision of seizing caravan of migrants was just a way towards political ploy so that he could rev up his base.

When someone listens to his speeches or goes through his tweets at some of the basic phases, they show that somehow it was on the verge to cross US intending to destroy everything that comes up on its way.  He talked to a crowd of people in Missouri on 2nd November where he said that if they didn’t want that America would be overrun by illegal people and massive caravans, then it’d be better that the people vote Republican and till the times of election, Trump kept on repeating that mantra of his until the day came. He said that this election is going to be the one for Kavanaugh, for the law and order and for the caravans, also for the tax cuts and for the common sense actually.


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