motorway bridge in Genoa

Tragedy struck as motorway bridge collapses in Italy leading to 22 deaths

Eye witnesses says structure was hit by lightning

In what has been an apocalypse, the motorway bridge in Genoa, northern Italy, collapsed, leading to 22 deaths.

It is stated that around 10 vehicles were a part of this incident as a part of the Morandi Bridge, as long as 200 meters, collapsed. A wild storm and heavy rainfall were all a part of the scene as the bridge fell.

According to the reports by Italian deputy minister, there are 22 deaths due to this incident while 8 people are injured.

The time of bridge collapse was a little after noon according to the local time as the rain was hammering down.

The photographs from the scene, as per BBC, are showing that there are huge piles of debris on the ground under the middle of the bridge. A truck can be seen in the images clearly just at the edge of the surviving section.

A witness, who spoke to the Sky Italia television, stated that he saw around 8 to 9 vehicles coming down with the bridge and labelled as an ‘apocalyptic scene.’

Danilo Toninelli, transport minister for Italy, stated that he has been in great apprehension due to the tragedy.

The construction of bridge first took place in 1960s after which is was renovated in 2016.

ANSA news agency has questioned the quality of the structure stating that the collapse occurred due to structural weakness.

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