Dozens of elephants killed Botswana Wildlife Sanctuary

Nairobi. 5th. September, 2018: According to the conservationists, dead bodies of more than 90 elephants have been found in a wildlife sanctuary which is located in Botswana. According to a complete research survey it has been found that the deaths of elephants are happening on a large scale in Africa. Botswana is considered to be the world largest sanctuary for the elephants but now the poachers are trying to breach its borders. The scientists, who carried out the research, said that in just a week more than 85 of the elephants were targeted and killed and their dead bodies have got no trunks. This means that the elephants are being killed for their trunks. Not only elephants, rhinos are also being approached and in three months, five white rhinos are targeted.

Dr. Mike

The Elephant without Borders is a campaign being done and Dr. Mike from Elephants without borders said that he was highly astonished to see this ratio of targeting of the elephants. He said that in the history there have never been such an incident and the scale of elephant poaching is high now than ever before. Dr. Mike further said that he has conducted the great elephant census in the year 2015 and the poaching of elephants is now double in number in Africa than it was in 2015.

Africa’s Elephants

According to the census, it has been estimated that the total third part of the Africa’s elephants were killed in the last ten years and the 60 percent of the Tanzania’s elephants are now lost within the last five years and this shows a great loss. Botswana was always famous and known for its unforgiving approach to the poachers but now the situation seems to be totally opposite.

There is a lack of fences on the border and despite this the data shows that the elephants from Zambia, Angola and Namibia are being retreated and they are deciding to stay in the boundaries of Botswana. There was a time was Botswana was considered to be safe for the elephants and wildlife but the situation has been changed now.

Previous Incidents of Poaching

There was a time when such incidents of poaching were supposed to be impossible because of the presence of the well synchronized and well established anti-poaching units. Botswana once had the total 130,000 number of elephants and it was described as the last safe sanctuary in Africa as all the others were fallen a prey to poaching.



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