Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela, claimed that he was targeted in Drone Assassination attempt which luckily he survived.

In Caracas, the President of Venezuela was addressing at a huge military event when he was attacked by drones aimed to assassinate the president. This attack occurred when there was a huge gathering of military men were listening to the address of the President.

Live footage of the attack has been covered as the address of president to the military forces was getting recorded. In these footages, it can be seen clearly that there was some kind of noise like a blast and president looks upward on the sky, he gave a terrified look and then hundreds of soldiers started running from the crowd to save themselves.

In his press conference about the drone assassination attempt, he accused Colombia of this brutal attack, after the attack in Caracas. He blamed that Colombia was involved behind this attack while the Colombian’s officials have denied the Venezuelan President’s accusation.

Due to this attack, seven soldiers from the crowd got injured and later that time many of the soldiers got arrested who tried to make the crowd more terrifying.

This attack was planned to hit President Maduro, who was addressing the Venezuelan army forces on their celebration of the 81st anniversary. The national army has turned 81 now and to celebrate the event, and it was necessary to invite the President as a chief speaker.

According to the Communication Minister, there were two drones which were burdened with the explosives, and they were aimed to be dropped near the Venezuelan President present on the stage. The drones were went-off when they reached a place near the president.

President Maduro said when he was talking about the attack in a national address that there was the first explosion in front of me and after some seconds there was another explosion near me through a flying object.

Photos of the incident are going viral over the social media after the attack on the president. In these photos, many of them were the ones capturing the policemen trying to save the president. The security guards provided the president shield, and they were carrying bulletproof shields for themselves too to protect themselves and the president in a better way.

This is how the Venezuelan President survived the assassination attack. He was unharmed from the attack, and he is completely fine.

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