Dyson Moves Head Office To Singapore After Brexit

Dyson to move head office to Singapore

A move has been made by the appliance maker that means that there would be two executives who will be relocated as the chief financial offer and the chief legal officer naming Jorn Jensen and Martin Bowen respectively.  The work at Malmesbury would not get affected and there would be no loss of jobs. Jim Rowan, the chief executive said that it had nothing to with Brexit or tax but this is going to make them future proof for whatever the biggest opportunities they may get.  He added that they had seen an increase in the opportunities for the growth of the company getting perspectives and revenues in Asia and that they would always be having a revenue stream in there and will put the best of the efforts so that they could keep an eye on their investments.


He said that they will describe it to be a global technology oriented company and in real the company would be a global company for some part of time. He added that most of the companies which are successful today are global in their operations.  Mr. Rowan had said that it would be making the total spending of £200m in the testing facilities and in the new buildings that would be in Hullavington and the other £44m would be granted to the portion of refreshing space and to add more laboratories in the Malmesbury as well as for the purpose of making investments of about £31m for the undergraduates at its university who are there at the same site.  He further added that Malmesbury has now become the epicenter for everyone and they would continue doing the investment in overall UK.  Mr. Rowan further confirmed if the company has been registered in the Singapore rather than in UK and he said that the present tax differences are negligible for everyone.


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