Canada's Food Guide

Canada’s Food Guide recommends we eat more plants, less meat

Well according to a new study, meats and dairy are almost out and water and plants are in.  Those which at some part of time were considered to be the biggest takeaways especially from the Canada’s food guide which was actually released by the Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor.  He in the guide said that it would put more focus on when, what and how they will eat and less on the servings and the food groups. This gives a concise and the clear advice that people could now easily apply that on their lives Petitpas Taylor said that now more focus would be put on what, how and when the people will eat and less on the food services and groups.  He said that this is really a clearer advice for everyone which they can apply on their daily lives.


One of the most noticeable change that has been happened till now is that there is now the elimination of the four traditional food groups and those foods once have been the part of the nutrition of the federal government.  The vegetables, whole grains and the fruits have been listed being the most integral parts in a complete and a healthy diet but the traditional focus is on the people who generally like milk and meat in the focus of broad proteins categories.  There are some more recommendations which the Canadians consume that are based on the plant proteins and the more often cut down their intakes of the saturated fats and the processed meats which ultimately lead to diabetes, cancer and some other diseases.  The recommended proteins according to the study involves, lean meat, unsweetened milk, fish, soy beverages and lentils and meat could be taken as an alternative being a separate food group.


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