Ed Oliver

You hear a group of teenagers coming down the neighborhood of Houston Acres Homes, sitting along and seeing the group, moving across the Burns Original BBQ. Ed Oliver, taking a glance at the group, went back to his past, and maybe to his future as well. Just like he did when he belonged to that age group, riding on horseback and tearing the streets on dirt bikes, the Houston defensive tackle’s eyes light up.

He speaks, I’ll own a place which is at least 20 acres. The house will be big and fun. Out in the country where the friends will come and ride on the horses, move in the four wheelers, and rush on the dirt bikes. He lays down a few more words, all the fun that a NFL contract prohibits you from doing, it’ll all go down there. And if the friends belong to the professional basketball, they’ll surely sign up for a waiver and no one will get hurt. In case they get struck, you never know where they got hit.

Many NFL future players will prohibit talking this way. But the NFL star is there and laying it all, the words about his dreams and what he wishes to do in future.

Five past football recruiting classes have seen 158 individuals being given five star ratings. And when you take a peek at it, there is a standout, a single individual who does not belong to the Power 5, and that man is Ed Oliver. He could have followed the obvious path and would have been easily a part of one of the 5 giants but he chose to do it his way, by staying in his hometown.

His two seasons with Houston Cougars has seen immense success as he finishes with 39 ½ tackles for loss. A big season would help him match Aaron Donald, a star in the game, with the record 66 defensive tackles. However, the difference is that this will be Oliver’s third season while Donald played 4.

Surely he can be in this circuit for a season more but he chooses to be in the bigger line and rack up his NFL millions next years. He has made the plans public that he will be joining the 2019 drafts which is another surprise to which he stated that he is not looking for journalists asking him questions after the last game. Instead, he would make it public and will kick butts in NFL next year.

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