Egyptian child bride running away

Child marriage is a common problem in modern era and communities all over the globe look forward to taking measures to stop such criminal activities. Recently, an Egyptian child bride that managed to run from the apartment of a Saudi man after marriage has given up on hopes by coming to police this week.

She was then sent to public prosecution where her father and husband were present and the charge of the girl was given to them.

The Saudi man, who filed a case against the father of the girl, dropped it and the two individuals reconciled at the reuniting of the 17 years old girl with her 37 years old husband.

The notable part in the story is that the Saudi man paid 125,000 egyptian pounds, which are equal to $6979, to the father of the girl prior to their wedding.

As the girl needs to be at least 18 years old to marry in Egypt under legal regulations, the marriage was proceeded with the traditional practice that includes a customary contract named Zawaj Orfi.

After the wedding, as the girl was taken to an apartment that the Saudi man rented for their honeymoon, she flew from there and was reported missing for days before returning back to police.

People had a strong reaction to the situation as the social media lashed out, some holding the father responsible while others asking the authorities to take strict actions and prevent such illegal child marriages. The fact that the father and husband both were left unpunished has received a devastating reaction from the people over the social media as they can see coming up with strong comments.

Some people said that if the laws were strict, the husband would have had arrested for child marriage and punished rightfully. Moreover, some also said that the father of the girl and the lady who held the proceedings of this marriage should also be arrested alongside the man regardless of his nationality.

The child marriage is a problem that is common in Egypt and is particularly present in the rural areas. A controversy came out last year when a preacher and an MP called the government to lower the age of marriage for girls. This issue is also common in other Arab countries and some states around the globe also suffer from this illegal activity.



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