Ireland has got into the heat at this time and everyone is paying attention to it from the whole world. Ireland is getting all the eyes from the world because something interesting happened due to the wildfire.

Just like Spain, UK, Greece, and Portugal, now its time for Ireland that it has got some wildfires.

But unlike the devastation that has been caused by the wildfire in Greece, there is less devastation and something interesting has happened. From this wildfire, there comes an interesting artefact from the history that has been taking the attention of the people worldwide and it definitely worth a look.

After the wildfires, a huge sign was found written on the coastline in Ireland and this sign says a giant “EIRE,” which is the original name of Ireland in their native language Irish. Pictures of this giant sign saying EIRE are getting viral and people are talking about this sign.

As we all know that in the Second World War, the Republic of Ireland was not on any side and they were not biased. They were neutral about the war but still there was huge risk that they will also get covered into the rage of this deadly war. As the fighter bombers covered everything in their rage and they have dropped the flying bombers on the top of each and every other place in the Second World War.

These stones that say EIRE seems like a tiny little reminder to the fighter bombers that this is the area of a country that in not involved in the fight and they do not want any devastation in their land. This EIRE sign was made of the stones and it could be seen by the Arial view in a jet clearly. This might e made to give the fighter bombers a friendly reminder that we are out of this war.

This sign did not get any attention for all those years until the wildfire uncovered it. One of the Irish coppers  also known as Gardai has spotted this sign made up of stones when he was flying over the bray head in their helicopter to inspect the damages being caused by the fire and the area that has been covered by the wildfire.

They broke the news through Twitter and tweeted about the giant sign saying EIRE. They said that their crew of the unit Garda Air Support spotted the giant sign from the wildfire saying EIRE over the bray head.

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