Islamabad. 26th. July, 2018: LIVE PAKISTAN 2018 ELECTION UPDATES

Pakistan elections 2018 results and live updates. Polls held on 25th July and ECP Results are Live here!

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Elections 2018 results

Pakistan General election held on 25th of July 2018 having fifteen elected members of National Assembly and four provisional Assemblies. People went out to cast their votes and this time all the Pakistani believed in their power of voting which can change the scenario of current situation in Pakistan and right now Pakistan is standing on very crucial juncture. Pakistan is ready to check solely the second civilian transfer of power in its seventy-one years of history because it goes to polls on Wednesday 25th of July’18 once a high- powered campaign that was decrepitated by violence, as well as IS-claimed attack on Gregorian calendar month thirteen that killed nearly a hundred and fifty individuals, and dominated by political controversies over the arrest of ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif. Not one Pakistani prime minister has completed their term nonetheless. The general seats contain 272 seats in National Assembly and 577 of four provisional seats. Pakistan’s military stayed occupied in conducting elections and kept on performing its duties for the nation side by side. Polling started eight o’clock in the morning; people turned out of their houses and casted vote. At seven in the evening the polling stations were closed and counting of votes started

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All the news channels were occupied into broadcasting the election results and eventually be seen the clear result of leading party which turned out to be Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insan. Pakistan Muslim league to be second, Pakistan People’s Party to be third and afterwards IND, MMA, MQM PMLQ and others. Different talk shows were conducted and by time results were on their way. Different news channels have different results but PTI is the leading one in all. Many are unofficial results and many are officially declared by Election Commission of Pakistan. The hype of 2018 elections is recorded to be the top most as from recent years. People have got awareness of casting a vote and what a vote can do to their country and the rights they have.

People are continuously posting about the elections and the elected member by official and unofficial results and the obvious celebrations is seen in Pakistan as well as in other countries. People are tweeting about each province results very curiously.

Leading Party

The PTI on Wed professed to own won a dozen National Assembly seats from urban center amidst the opposite parties depreciating the commission of Islamic Republic of Pakistan for not permitting their individual political agents to witness the vote counts, which later to be proved as wrong acquisitions

Among the proclamations from the parties of causation their political agents out of the polling stations at the time of vote tally, varied by the journalist bodies conjointly claimed lack of access to the polling centers. PTI declared to finish on quite a dozen of seats in National Assembly whereas denying having official or unofficial results from election commission. Majority of the seats claimed by the PTI were conjointly claimed by MQM-P. The PTI was leading with a majority of votes in a minimum of twelve of National Assembly urban center seats as per the counts received to PTI Central Election Cell, aforesaid PTI urban center voice whereas speech the state.

Aforesaid that it had been nevertheless to receive the first counts of votes however to date the PTI was within the leading position in NA-240, NA-241, NA-242, NA-243, NA-244, NA-247, NA-249, NA-251, NA-253, NA-254, NA-255 and NA-256. On National Assembly body NA-243 that became a battercake for each the MQM and PTI is being led by Imran Ahmad Khan as per the unofficial results of seven polling stations. Imran Khan is leading with 3296 votes whereas MQM`s Ali Raza is on second position with 1300 votes. On the opposite hand, MQM-Pakistan claimed to mark finish on constant seats, and aforesaid that the polls were manipulated at the moment once method of vote count was initiated. Parties’ agents were stopped to participate within the tally method. It is said that a number one position was being given to a selected party (PTI) supported by unseen force by airing fanciful results.

Correspondently, sources in Pakistan’s People’s Party (PPP) claimed to own won National Assembly seats together with NA-246, NA-248, NA-236, NA-237 and NA-238 however, it said, the results of the constituencies unbroken within the surveillance of the committee organizers. It’s value mentioning here that political agents representing totally different political parties, journalists and observers weren’t allowed by the employees of the committee throughout investigating method. Subsequently the restrictions, unofficial and official results of everybody were allegedly unbroken in dark. According to the unofficial results ready on the vote counts of a couple of polling stations, PTI and MQM-P square measure be seen nip and tuck whereas on a number of the seats  and it absolutely was witnessed on leading position.  Nevertheless, Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) diode by former Mustafa despite claim to comb all constituencies of city didn’t show any noteworthy success. MQM-P is on the city election turf for the primary time while not support of its founder Altaf Hussain. It conquered to secure a couple of in National Assembly seats alongside some triumph on provincial assembly seats.  Furthermore, as per the unofficial results of seventy three out of 197 polling stations of NA-236, PPP`s Jam Abdul Karim is leading with twenty eight,722 votes whereas PTI`s Dr Masroor Siyal is second with 8954 votes. In NA-240 MQM`s Iqbal Muhammad Ali is leading with 42580 votes. PTI`s Farrukh Mansoor is second with 2015 votes and MQM-Haqqiqi`s Afaq Ahmed is on third with 1200 votes. NA-243 thought-about to be the recent seat of city was showing lead of PTI`s Imran Ahmad Khan with 3296 votes. Here Ali Raza Abidi is second with 1300 votes according to the results of seven polling stations of the body.

MQM`s Dr Farooq Sattar was additionally seen leading with 2557 votes in NA-245 whereas PTI`s Amir Liaquat is behind with 1129 votes. In NA-246 PPP`s Bilawal Bhutto is in lead with 1754 votes whereas the opponents PTI`s candidate is on second. The results of NA-249 carried votes counts of twenty seven out of 257 polling stations shows the lead of PML-Nawaz`s Shahbaz Sharif with 3400 votes, PTI`s Faisal Vawda is on second position with 2555 votes.

The clear clean sweep can be seen in Karachi especially apart from other province. As per the the 70% result Pakistan Tehreek-e-insan is leading its numbers in further seats. The lead in Punjab has been taken by Pakistan Muslim League PMLN. The increasing numbers of seats are yet come forward, as the delay in results of different polling stations. The cause is mainly claimed to be load shedding and not opening the results of ballet boxes. A clear gain of seats in seen in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is also seen, PTI is leading in that province as well

Till now according to the unofficial results, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is leading with 119 seats, Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN) with 62 seats, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) with 43 seats, IND with 14 seats, MMA with 13 seats and others in the National assembly

According to Election Commission of Pakistan a single party has to win from 137 seats at least to form a government eligibly.


The results of Pakistan’s election 2018 have manifestly declared Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insan on the top most position by winning seats in majority. The great hype seen in past years of ruling party Pakistan Muslim League stand second in the elections and the Pakistan People’s Party to be the third. The past has changed many people’s way of thing and according to the census 2018 has the most voters ever recorded. This is because of the stagnant position Pakistan held in past years and disqualification of the former Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef. The fighting party PTI tried to prove its verdict which they held back in the time, opened closed cases likewise panama leaks, corruption etc. many people is happy to see Imran Khan as the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. European Union claimed that those were the fair and free election of Pakistan. People around Pakistan has already started celebrating and already declared their 2018 Prime Minister for other five years

After the speech of Chairman of Tehreek-e-Insan Imran Khan, he talked about future of Pakistan and talked about neighboring relationships. The speech was shown live in BBC, CNN and other mainstream channels. Imran khan talked about the foreign policy of Pakistan and he picked every single point which Pakistan lacks. Furthermore, he elaborated about the Quetta attack and condemned the loss of lives in Baluchistan. His clear words to maintain the hands over economic crisis, law enforcement, CPEC, Afghan war, India’s allegations over table talk, dysfunctional system, good governance,  poverty and many more minor issues Pakistan face currently.

The outstanding elections of 2018 official results will be soon declared and unofficial results has shown its status of who is winning and who is losing, the independent members will soon join the other parties and clear result will say its verdict.


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