Turkey doesn’t need anyone’s permission to buy Russian S-400s

After some days when the US warned Ankara to buy the air defense system, the President of Turkey answered to the warning of US. The Turkish President Recep Tyyaip Erdogan said that Ankara is not asking for the permission of anyone to buy the Russian S400 missile systems. He said that the Ankara doesn’t need permission at all. The Turkish president further said in the business forum of Turkey-Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek that they have made a deal with Russia that they will buy the S400. He said that someone don’t like this deal and is offended. Turkish president said that he is not bound to take permission from anyone. He spoke this on Saturday.

Defense Secretary of US, James Mattis Warning to Turkey

On Tuesday, the defense secretary of US, James Mattis gave a warning to Turkey. Turkey is a sovereign state and is a member of NATO. The warning given to Turkey by US was against buying the defense system. Mattis said that Turkey was given a choice and it had to make a sovereign decision. But Turkey made a wrong decision by buying an anti-aircraft from Russia and a missile system in a NATO country. He said that we can’t integrate that system into the NATO. Mattis said that this decision of Turkey is of our concern and we cannot recommend it to Turkey. The US and the NATO has not given their approval to this decision of Turkey. The government of Erdogan is trying to push heads for the purchase of F35 jets of America but US law makers are trying to block it because of the deal which Ankara recently made about the purchase of S-400 from Russia. The relationship of US with Turkey has never been so good and is again going in new lows. Washington has also announced new sanctions against NATO ally. Both of the states have always been on odds.

US has imposed sanctions against Turkish ministers and also imposed double tariffs on the exports of Steel and Aluminum exports from Turkey. These sanctions are the recent development based on the conflicts between these two countries. There is also a severe currency crisis in Turkey. The statement given by the Turkish president shows that Turkey is no more dependent on any one and it pays no regards to the warning and conditions imposed by the US government. Turkey is supposed to improve its situation with time.

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