eSIM Functionality Available in iOS 12.1 With Carrier Support Only

For the Apple’s users, it’s good news that the iOS 12.1 beta of Apple has introduced the support for the eSIM in the device. An eSIM feature basically lets the users use a digital system that has no physical existence. It is actually a cellular plan that is needed to be activated on your carrier without even the need of having a physical regular sim card.

Features of of iPhone XR, X Max, and XS

This amazing feature is available for the users of iPhone XR, X Max, and XS. In these versions of Apple, the eSIM works by pairing it with the nano-SIM that is in the device so that the dual-SIMs functions properly. This feature of eSIM was not available in the iPhone XR, XS, and XS MAX at the time of their launch but now Apple is promising to bring this feature in the later updates of these versions and that update will be iOS 12.1. eSIM settings are available in the settings app in the cellular section and these could be activating by selecting add cellular plan in the cellular section. This is how the users can add another cellular provider in the device with the help of eSIM.

eSIM Functionality Available in iOS 12.1 With Carrier Support Only

Updates of of iPhone XR, X Max, and XS

Another feature in the latest update of iOS 12.1 will be that in the contacts app, all the contacts will be listed as primary and whenever you are going to contact any person, you can change the default number that has been previously added in the device and this is how you can have multiple numbers without even having all those SIM cards physically. According to one of the German sites, some of the Deutsche users are now enjoying the feature of eSIM in their new update of iOS 12.1 by adding two SIMS to their iPhones.

Reviews about of iPhone New Launch

According to their reviews, the careers of the device pre-need to implement this feature of eSIM before it starts working and a list of carriers us being offered by the Apple to let this eSIM feature work and to offer it in a support file. In the U.S Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T are planning to offer this same eSIM support but this feature won’t get rolled out until the iOS has launched it for the general public. This feature of eSIM with the Dual sim support is beneficial for the people who normally use the two cellular plans at one time like there are people who need a separate plan for their personal and their office use. This would also be beneficial for the people who spend most of their time traveling.


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