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EU leaders agree UK’s Brexit deal at Brussels summit

An agreement has been done among the European Union and UK that UK is going to withdraw from the future relations that were backed by the leaders from the European Union. Well this settlement has been done after 20 negotiations. The scenario was backed by the 27 leaders and there was approximately an hour discussion in the Brussels.

It actually backed the situation by saying that this has paved the way for the orderly withdrawal of the UK. Still there is a need for the deal to get confirmed and approved by the UK parliament along with the opposed MPs.

It has been recently said by Jean-Claude Juncker who is the President of the European Commission that this is the only deal which would be possible in the near future. This news was first broken on Twitter by European’s Council President Mr. Donald Tusk. Between the two sides, it follows about 18 months of negotiations which were started when Article 50 was triggered by the UK for awakening the 2016’s referendum.

UK will leave the European Union right on 29th March 2019

It has been scheduled that the UK will leave the European Union right on 29th March 2019. It is also in the expectations that the UK’s parliament will vote for the deal in the December but there is still no guarantee for the approval. The Lib Dems, the DUP, the SNP and the labour is expected to vote against that. While still there is a chance that Theresa, the Prime Minister may have appealed to the public so that they could get behind that agreement which would argue the best deals which would then struck and the honors which would occur in the result of Brexit Referendum.

Brexit Documentation

The two basic Brexit documents have been approved by the leaders of the European Union and that are the withdrawal of the European Union agreement that on the 585 page the legal bindings of a document setting would set out for the UK’s exiting terms from the European Union. It would cover the divorce bill of the UK on a permanent basis based on the backstop of the Northern Ireland and citizen’s rights which would make a way to open the Irish border. The second one is the political declaration and according to it, the relationship among UK and the European Union would remain like an outlining for the Brexit that how the things will work in the EU-UK trade.



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