Contraceptive Pills

The Secret about Birth Control Pills That Every Woman Needs To Know

According to the worldwide statistics, more than nine percent of the women of reproductive age take birth control pills. Most of them taking the pills don’t really know that it is useless to take these pills in the final week of the four days cycle and this is right, you don’t need to have your periods at  all instead you are allowed to take this pill for the longer time span till whenever you want. But still it is a good idea to check it with a health specialist first. It is not important to skip these pills or get a break to have a withdrawal bleed; it doesn’t have any harm to take the break or to continue to take this pill.

The clinical lead at FPA, Karin O’ Sullivan said this and he further said that there are a lot of women who this while they are on a holiday or if they have got their tricycle packs. He added that it is safe for the women if she is taking the combined contraceptive pill and there would be no any contraindications and this is safe for the women to use any of the people they want to take in these instances. It could be anything to intake, whether traditional tricycling, flexible or extended. There is no hormone building even if you stop taking the pills and these effects would be reversible immediately.

Whenever a woman is on pill, the period she have is not actually the period but it is a withdrawal bleeding and this is a body response because of the sudden change in the hormones which usually happen when you stop taking those pills and you switch towards the placebo pills. There is a clear difference between a regular period and the withdrawal period when you are on the pills. When a woman is on pills, there is no chance of building up of the uterine lining.

This is why the bleed is lighter in withdrawal than the regular period and it is less important. However if some woman decides to take the pills on a regular basis, she will experience break through bleeding. This is spotting or bleeding between the periods. This really has no harm but still some people might take a break in intake of these pills and resume this intake after some days.




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