New Single 'Love Shot'

After just a few weeks of having a mess up with the tempo of their last single, k pop boy band the exo are now back with the new song Love Shot. This has been released on Thursday, and the act is a simple but smooth tune which has actually been made actually to aim for the figuring out romance.

It was fronted by the heavy 808 bass which is layered by the vocals and also with the quirky liked the warped synths and the gunshot effects. Love shot actually slinks along from its beginning to end containing the rising and falling of the intensity in the anticipation of the groovy mentioning na na na nas’ of the chorus which is ahead of the titular in the hook.

The song truly comes out in the conclusion in an apparently explosive way but not before temporarily slowing down the things with help of an evocative bridge from the Suho and D.O and the raps from Chaneyol and the Sehon which is bolstered by the harmonization of the sounds to be Barkhyun before the ending up off the things with another but the final rendition of the addictive refrain of choral.

For the music video, chen and chanyeol are credited being the cowriters of lyrocs of the song while Bazzi is mentioned to be one of the composers of the song. Love shot was released as a dramatic music video which saw that the group is now switching between the gritty locale of the luxurious trappings and the gas station before being a part in the shoot-out with their unexpected foes.

The video has also been dominated by some of the sensual choreography EXO has served in sometime as the group has seduced the camera in some moments with the gyrating moves while in the meantime it was also imitating the shoot-outs and the guns in the others.

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