There was an ad on the site going on Facebook regarding the Trump’s campaign but now Facebook has stopped the campaign as a commercial. Trump’s campaign is actually an anti- immigration racist campaign which was sort of a commercial ad on facebook. Facebook gave a statement on Monday afternoon in which it said that the ad was violating the advertising policy of the facebook as it was against the sensational content so now it has been rejected

. The other thing which was added in the statement was that the video could be allowed on facebook but one thing which would be done regarding this is that it couldn’t receive the paid distributions. Immediately after the Fox News and NBC announced that they would be stopping to air this ad on their networks, facebook also took this move.

At first, this ad being racist was determined by CNN and just after it Fox and then Facebook announced to refuse it to sell on airtime. On Sunday, the campaign started on Facebook and it was mainly purposed to target the voters in Arizona and Florida. Till Monday morning, this ad reached thousands of users on Facebook. When a spokesperson of facebook was asked about it, he told that at first that was allowed on facebook by an error. He further said that facebook has got its own community standards that highlights what is allowed and what is forbade at facebook and when it is specifically about the ads to be displayed on the facebook, there is high sets of standards which is to be run in ad or prohibited. He said that they advertisements on facebook have more restrictions and the reason behind those restrictions is that those ads take paid distributions. Another thing he added was that according to the community standards of facebook, the videos would be allowed to be uploaded on facebook. Facebook ‘s having an ad problem, when the facebook reversed at the spot, it was considered to be a misstep taken by it which somehow pledged for the improvement of the political ads being handled by facebook. There was a Russian group in the year 2016 which ran the ads that specifically targeted the voters from America in their lead for the presidential election. Since then, the company was introduced to be a disclaimer for the ads related to politics which were supposed to be showing the one who paid for them.


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