Facebook will not remove fake news

USA. 15th. July, 2018: In order to maintain their community standards, Facebook has denied removing any of the false news from its board.

In the United Kingdom Facebook is countering a campaign saying that they are not a big fan of fake news.

The publishers usually have a different point of view regarding this move, as they believe that doing so would be an exact opposite of the principle of free speech.

Instead, they believe that it should be mentioned that the news is fake and shall move down in the newsfeed

After the appearance of the evidence regarding Russia influencing the United States’ voters has come to light, Facebook has been searched for fake news dispersal.

The social networking company on Wednesday arranged the event in New York in which it was required to persuade the journalists that it is looking after the problem and it shall soon be solved.

Oliver Darcy the reporter from CNN has asked the Facebook authorities that how can a company claim to be solving the issue of spreading false information when it has allowed the page like Infowars to stay on Facebook.

Infowars is a page on Facebook that has over 900000 followers and conducts the live shows. Alex Jones is the main host of this page who has over 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Yet false information has been demonstrated by the platform like for example, the US government faked the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012 which was their conspiracy theory.

John Hegeman from Facebook has reported to CNN that Facebook was created to provide a platform for people to speak.

Facebook authorities have explained that the company won’t be removing the false news from the platform but instead it can downgrade the news in news feed.

A spokesperson from Facebook told CNN that their platform allows people to express the form of expression however they won’t be showing the false content on the top of their news feed.

Facebook has decided to display a red warning sign on the articles that have been analyzed as false, but afterward, the company found that this move has ingrained the deep beliefs.

Sara Su from Facebook told the reporter that she believes allowing posting fake news and the conspiracy theories can create many problems and she is not happy with it too.

Facebook will not remove fake news

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