Regret sending that Facebook message? Now you can delete it

Facebook recently has fulfilled its promise ofproviding a feature to the internet users which they have been waiting for so long and that is that they can now be able to delete the messages from their chatting history which they have been regretting over to send.  This functionality actually was introduced by the executives of facebook in the year 2014 after the email accounts have hacked the Sony Pictures.  The technology site has also reported about it that in the last April there had been a lot of people who received messages from the CEO Mark Zuckerberg which claimed that their messages were present in the facebook were his were deleted. Facebook told the technology reporters that after the emails for the Sony Pictures had been hacked in the year 2014, a lot of changes have been made by the executives at that time related to the communications.

Regret sending that Facebook
Regret sending that Facebook

These also included some of the limitations for the retention period that was in the messages of Mark in messenger. This was done in complete compliance with the local obligations for the preservation of the messages.  Following the report, facebook has also made an announcement regarding the last date for it to launch these newly introduced features to the users though there is not any specified date.  There are chances according to the statement on Tuesday that this option of deleting the messages from the chat history would now be rolling out in the Android as well as in the iOS.


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