Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg being the chief executive officer of the Facebook had asked subordinates to research that whether George Soros was actually shorting the stock of stock of company when he laid into the monopolistic policies of Facebook. Initially this new revelation was reported when it was confirmed by the company itself to all the other people while undermined that Sandberg is trying some attempts so that she can distant herself from the conservative research outfits hiring of the Facebook which is trying to find the information about the liberal philanthropists. Elliot Schrage who is the policy chief of facebook who is now in the way to take out anyway also tool a fall to hire the definers.

In a memo previously, Sandberg had gave a statement in which she said that he had nothing to do with the hiring of some work that was linked into some materials presented to her and she received a minimum number of emails where the definers were referenced afterwards. Facebook has now cut its ties with the defenders once the news had been broken that it had taken the operation.

This is now like a troubled social media giant who has tasked the definers so that they could convince the journalists that there had been some links between the soros and their freedom from the activist group of the facebook which has continuously been agitating against the company.

The research that is being conducted has already been in an underway where an email was sent was by Sheryl that asked if Facebook’s stock was shorted by Mr. Soros.



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