Facebook Bug

Facebook on this Friday has announced that the social media network has now exposed the private photos of the millions of the users with taking their permission.

The company has also said that a bug recently has allowed the third-party app developers to have the access with photos which the people have not shared publically by themselves. Facebook has the firm belief that almost 6.8 million people would be getting affected from this.

The Irish Data protection commission which is the facebook’s compliance with the European regulations body has said on Friday that it has launched a statutory inquiry for the facebook as a result for the multiple breaches which the company has informed them about the current year. The users started to upload some of the photos to facebook but they didn’t post could have been accessed along with the photos which have been posted to the facebook stories.

There is also a blog post on Facebook by an engineering director Tomer Bar regarding this. He added that they are sorry for all this happening. The blog post also added that the photos of the users were posted had been exposed in total 12 days in September.

When facebook was asked regarding this that why they hadn’t informed the public of this issue, one of the spokesperson of facebook told the news reporters that they have been investigating the issue since it has been divorced to understand and try the impact of this so that they could make sure they are contacting the true developers and the people who are being affected by the bug. It also took them sometime for building up a meaningful way so that the people could get the notice and get their translations done with them.

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