John Mccain

The Vietnam veteran and a six time senator, John McCain, passed away at 81

On 25th August, the Vietnam war veteran who proceeded to be a politician and was a six time senator as well as a former presidential candidate, John McCain, died at the age of 81.

The statement coming from the office of Mr. McCain stated that he died this Saturday within his family members.

A brain tumor was figured out by doctors in John McCain following which he had been undergoing several medical treatments.

McCain left Washington in December and per the words of the family this Friday, it was clear that he has withdrawn the treatment procedure.

Cindy, the widow of McCain, stated in a tweet that her heart is broken and she was lucky to be by the side of a loving and incredible man for 38 years who lived the life on his own terms and within the people that he loved the most, in a country which he had a passion for.

As the body was brought in a ranch in from Sedona, Arizona, to a funeral home in Phoenix, people lined up across the streets, waving flags and saying well wishes.

John McCain served in the senate for six terms and was a nominee by the Republicans as the presidential candidate.

Doctors, who were attempting a surgery to remove a blood clot that appeared to be above his left eye in July 2017, found that he had a tumor in his brain.

As per the word of his family about the funeral proceedings, McCain would lie in Phoenix Arizona as well as in Washington DC before his funeral which will be held at the Washington National Cathedral. The burial will take place in Annapolis, Maryland.

Some very high profile individuals, including the likes of former presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush, are expected to appear and give eulogies.

John McCain was a Vietnam war hero. His fighter pilot was shot down and he was taken as a war prisoner. More the five years in captivity, he was tortured badly that resulted in some disabilities that he carried for the rest of his life.

In his political carrier, he was known to adapt a conservative stance upon several issues. His opposition on abortion and standing in the favor of higher defense spending are there to name a few. Moreover, he also supported the 2003 Iraq invasion as well as criticized Obama for not playing a major role in Syrian civil war.

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