Far-left cartoonist under the light for targeting Kavanaugh’s 10-year-old daughter in cartoon

A left-wing editorial cartoonist is under the light since weekend as he drew attention of the critics by posting a cartoon, mocking Liza, the 10 year old daughter of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The cartoon was created by Chris Britt which shows a girl which stands before her bed saying, ‘”Dear God, please forgive my angry, lying, alcoholic father for sexually assaulting Dr. Ford.”

The testimony was held before Senate last Thursday where Kavanaugh talked to the lawmakers stating that his daughter Liza spoke to Ashley, her mother, about praying for Ford. Ford put the allegations of sexual assault on Kavanaugh, referring to an incident that happened in early 1980s when they were back in high school.

The older sister of Liza, Margaret, is 13 years old.

As for the cartoon, it displayed Friday’s date on calendar and also had the name of Illinois Times, which is a newspaper released alternative week and is based in Springfield. As the cartoon gained notice, an anonymous twitter user came up with a tweet stating that it “contravenes every standard of decency in our society” and asked the paper to “[p]lease remove it.”

However, Illinois Times responded by saying that they talked to Chris Britt, who is a regular contributor in their paper, about Kavanaugh and the cartoon. The person is not a formal employee of the organization and does work for other publications all across the country. The latest cartoon that mocked Kavanaugh’s daughter was not published in publications or website of Illinois Times. It was only released over the facebook page of Chris Britt. Considering that, the name of the publication shouldn’t have been there in the cartoon and they are talking to Chris, asking him to remove it.

On the other side, Britt responded to a critic on his facebook page saying that “I’m not the one who brought up his children. Brett ‘I LOVE BEER’ Kavanaugh brought them up.” Facebook later took the initiative of removing the page.

Britt’s biography on the Creators Syndicate says “a self-described liberal [who] nevertheless delights in skewering deserving politicians of every persuasion.” Previously, he has worked for several newspapers that includes some notable ones too.

Before the most recent release, the Creators Syndicate published seven cartoons by Britt about Kavanaugh and sexual assault allegations.


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