FDA food safety team

Government shutdown stops FDA food safety inspections

An employee had found to be stocking his shelves with amounts of fresh peppers and the shelves are in the production centers of the whole food market store in Ohio, Dublin.  Because the ongoing shutdown of the federal government is the reason behind most of the food safety inspections have been stopped but it has now finally decided by the food and drug administration that it is not going to shut off all the operations rather some of the inspections would be resumed and to do this, FDA has to take some initiatives like it will force the employees to rejoin their jobs for a span of time and it would be without giving them salaries.

DR. Scott Gottlieb who is the FDA commissioner said that he is trying his maximum so that could be in a position to pinpoint the most important inspectors like especially at the time when they have been making the decisions that would have least impact for the employees to prevent them from any more sufferings. 

Gottlieb told to the news reporters that there would be no question regarding the usual business operations from the FDA.

 And he said that the business which is now going to be resumed isn’t as usual because they are not going to work for the things as they used to do in normal situations and the thing most important is that they even aren’t doing anything.  The foreign food inspectors would also be continuing to it like there the situations are normal as their involvement is regarded to be important.

But now the FDA has stopped its inspection of foods at the domestic level and the production facilities too and that simply means it to be a threat for the public which is going to be undetected.  Gottlieb in his interview said that there focus now in especially on the maintenance of the protection role to the basic consumers and this is what of great importance is.  The question here is that how these operations could be stopped in the shutdown of federal government which is totally dependent over funding.

There are some other institutions like the Institute of Health and the Disease prevention and control centers which have got enough funding from last year from the congress. Some of the tasks which have been done by the FDA like the drug approvals and inspections, drug production facilities and the regulation of the tobacco products which are paid by the user fee.


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