Test of 'Presidential Alert' system to cellphones of millions of Americans by FEMA

FEMA sends test of ‘Presidential Alert’ system to cellphones of millions of Americans

On Wednesday at 2:18 pm, more about millions of cellphones in the U.S received the notification of the new presidential alert. This notification was just the test of the new presidential warning regarding the wireless system. The alert had a statement written which contained a message that this alert is just a test by the national emergency alert system and there is nothing to notice or act about. Later on this test was followed by more tests that were on TV’s and radios. Some People this alert on Wednesday while the other didn’t. so for them who got this notification, got that because they have a cellphone and service provider that is included in those 100 providers which are somehow anticipated with the wireless emergency alert system and it is controlled and managed by the FEMA which stands for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This alert was sent by FEMA to millions of users in the attempt of the first test to push such alert on cell phones and the alert was labeled as Presidential Alert.

Presidential Alert System

That alert was specifically named as Presidential Alert because it indicated a specified message that is meant to be sent throughout the country especially incase if there is some national emergency. There could be some other alerts to which are sent to the people to notify them about the weather conditions etc. this test is listed as the first wireless alert while forth test on worldwide televisions. People who are thinking to opt out of such alerts have no option to do so. Only the mobile companies can opt out of the alerts individuals themselves can’t. the people who didn’t get these alerts, the only reason behind this is that their mobile companies are not in that specific range with the towers or their cell phones might be off or they are using such service whose providers are not listed as a part of WEA program. Some of the people have found thinking that president is the one who is sending this alert while this thought is wrong as president would not be the one to push the send button of the alert. This alert test was actually scheduled for September 20 but it was a bit delayed because of the response of efforts to Hurricane Florence by the FEMA. This test was a big success as declared by the FEMA.


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