Female lion kills male loin

Zoos are meant to be a place of entertainment and education. Individuals that look forward to learning about the animals and want to see them up close turn towards the zoos and have their desires fulfilled. But recently, the Indianapolis Zoo faced a difficult situation where a lioness murdered the father of her 3 cubs in a savage attack.

The statement was given by the staff of the Indianapolis Zoo who said that there was a very unusual amount of roaring as they were working on early Monday morning. Coming from the lions’ outdoor yard, the individuals went out there to check out on the animals where they found that a confrontation was going on between the male lion named Nyack and the female lion named Zuri.

The staff tried their best to separate the two beasts but the lioness was hard on the male counterpart and managed to get hold of his neck. Taking the life out, Zuri held Nyack as he attempted his best to escape the wrath of the lioness. Failing to tackle with the situation, the lion ultimately stopped moving.

As per the reports from the zoo, the couple was held together for eight years now and they mated to produce three cubs. In the given number of years they have spent the life along, from the reports of the staff log, there was no record of aggression or physical confrontation between the two lions in the past.

In a statement given by the zoo administration, it was said that “We know many people loved visiting Nyack. He was a magnificent male lion and left his legacy in his three cubs.”

Moreover, the authorities state that they are looking further into the investigation and are trying to figure out exactly what happened and why the lioness was forced to come to such a savage and beasty behavior. However, as for the plans on how they keep and manage the lions, there won’t be any change and things would stay as they were before.

The incident took place on Monday before the zoo was opened for the public. Considering the event, it has created a lot of buzz around the zoo and it is of no surprise that individuals would have a spark of interest in taking a look at the lioness who killed the father of her three cubs.

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