Game of thrones season 8

For the people who have been eagerly waiting, the countdown has now started for the final season of the game of thrones and it is now very less time left for this amazing season to hit the screens of the fans and a twist is added to make the fans even more excited and that is the CEO Richard Plepler has recently told the audiences that when they would be watching the season, they will feel like they are watching six separate movies.

Although this news has also made the fans a bit disappointed because they feel the six episodes to be very less for the last season of the series because they might have thinking that there would be at least 8 seasons to the last season. Well it was also made clear by pleper that these 6 episodes would certainly be like 16 on screen.

Well obviously the crew persons have had a look to the series and they have told the reporters about the season being hit and mind blowing by saying that these aren’t six episodes as they simply are six movies and he himself thought that he is watching a movie.

This is exactly what the fans have been waiting for so long and after that much wait, they are about to get what they wanted. The director of the season himself have confirmed that each episode of the season is lengthy this is why viewers will think like they are watching a movie.

Plepler really gave positive comments for the hardwork of the team after he had viewed the season and for him watching the season is really like a cinematic experience.

He also talked about David Benioff and Weiss saying them the show runners he said that they knew that the targets which they are going to achieve are high and they didn’t only meet the target but they have now exceeded from it by providing the amazing last season to the viewers and this shows their great strength of magical production and amazing story telling.

He said that even when he thinks that he has watched a film and not the episodes of a season, still then he couldn’t be able to calm his heart because he never had seen such a film in his life span. He said that this season is going to be heartbreak with lots of deaths and changing which the fans weren’t expecting so far.

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