Bomb explosion in US Embassy Beijing

A firecracker-like bomb exploded in the US embassy in Beijing

A man exploded a low-grade bomb outside the US embassy in Beijing, reported by US and Chinese authorities, hurting no one but him.

The detonation took place at the south-east corner of the embassy compound, a huge structure in the north-east of the Chinese capital Beijing, at almost 1pm local time, that would be (6am BTS)

According to the Chinese police, the suspected man was a 26-year-old who unconsciously hurt his hand while he was trying to set of the “firecracker-like explosive”.

Spokesperson of the US embassy informed that “According to the embassy’s regional security officer, there was one individual who detonated a bomb. Other than the bomber, no other people were injured, and there was no damage to embassy property.”

Trying to find further details about the 26-year-old suspect, the Chinese police succeeded in getting know that his surname is Jiang and that he was from Tongliao, a city situated in China’s Inner Mongolia region. Futhermore, they said that he was detained and taken to the hospital. The only thing they could not understand was the motive behind  performing such an aggressive act.

The pictures and videos posted on  social media, on Thursday, clearly show smoke at the crossroads when the pedestrians collected and the police overtook the area, which is a home to many other embassies. Witnesses reported that they saw the police’s car being damaged as they heard the sound of the blast.

A witness who was present at the road outside the nearby Japanese embassy, cleaning the road at the time of the incident said that, “I heard the sound of a big explosion and then women screaming,”

The news of the blast spread like fire, not only on news channels but on social media too, reaching almost 1 Million views prior to any search terms related to the incident were blocked.

It was later predicted that the bombing occurred due to the China-USA being locked in a trade dispute. No doubt, that the Chinese officials and state media has been very critical of the White House, but at the same time there were no reasons for the public to show hate towards the US.

Within a couple of hours of the blast, the Chinese police was forcing the journalists to leave the area. Moreover, the traffic was permitted to flow again and visa applicants started to line up again too.

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