There have been two incidents of deaths of firefighters, twice in a month. One happened this Sunday and the other one two weeks before this. This Sunday, a firefighter was killed while fighting with huge wildfire. This fire was near the National parking named as Yosemite. This is the second death because of the firefighting accident and this blaze was started about more than one week. The other one was in California and he was died while stopping the fire from spreading. He was using a bulldozer at that time and it rolled over.

The spokes person of Los Angeles Times said that the firefighter who died this Sunday was recognized to be Brian Hughes and he was working with his whole group there. He was removing and brushing the fuel present near the front lines of fire. Hughes was the captain of the Interagency and he was died after he got stuck in a tree while fighting with the wildfire. He was of 33 years of age and he got treatment at the spot but they could save him. He could not survive and died before they could take him to the hospital for treatment.

Woody Smeck who is the superintendent of the Parks had a statement. He felt sorry for the family and the friends of the dead firefighter. He said that all of his condolences are for the family of Hughes. He said that he feels this loss and he also said that he would be there for the family in this loss. The whole team was highly disappointed and sad after hearing about this terrible incident. Just before two weeks of this incident, there was another incident of a man named Braden Varney. He was of 36 years of age and he was a firefighter in California. He was there and using the bulldozer to save the fire from spreading. While he was stopping the fire from getting spread, the bulldozer rolled over. It was so difficult for the responders to retrieve his body. He died because no one could find the body at the spot and retrieved the body very late.

According to the Fox 40, The Ferguson Fire, has been burning since 13th July, was thirty percent and almost 7 more firefighters were injured while struggling with the fire.

The park will be opened for the visitors in 3rd August.

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