baby born twice

Baby removed from mum-to-be’s womb for treatment then PUT BACK

A mum to be has recently undergone an operation that involved removing the unborn baby from her bomb for the sake of treatment and later on that was put back in.  This really was an astonishing treatment and this was done to do the treatment of the child of Bethan Simpson after several tests have revealed that the infant had been suffering from spina bifida.

Bethan is of age 26, she and her husband were given an option that they could terminate the pregnancy after they had known about the illness their child had been suffering with. This suggestion was given to them before they could get to know about the operation.  Till now, these procedures have only been carried out in Belgium but in the case of Bethan who is about to give birth to a baby in April, there were a handful of moms who have been operated by the team of surgeons form UK and Belgium in London.

Bethan came to know about the wrong measurements of her unborn baby’s head in her 20 week routine scan. She after her baby had been diagnosed with the spina bifida had been sent to the Broomfield Hospital that is situated in Chelmsford, Essex. The spina bifida is a condition when the spinal cord of the baby doesn’t get complete development in the womb and this creates a disability for the child to walk. She in a statement said that their midwife had made an appointment in London and that was fast forwarded for 48 hours and at that time they were in London doing the scans on the spine and head.

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