First look of HBO’s Watchmen captured the eyes and hearts

The first superhero series by HBO, Watchmen, based on the iconic comic series of the late 1980s by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, has been in the news for a while. Not only because this is the first superhero series by HBO but also because there were many statements about potential changes. For instance, the group of superheros don’t go by the same name in the movie as it is in the book.

Watchmen is a superhero story which is pretty different from many others. It is about the failure of superheros. There is a huge question put up in this series by the authors about the heroics of superheros and myths that are associated with them. Many questions would rise in the mind like if they are the ones who are to protect us then who is above them? Who is the one that takes care of the superheros when they are in trouble? Certainly, they can protect themselves to a good extent.

Watchmen starts up with an investigation about the murders, and they aren’t any random ones. The superheros are being murdered and the care is investigated by Rorschach, who is a superhero on his own. Wearing a facemask that is packed with the moving inkblots, the beginning of watchmen series is pretty much all this.

Damon Lindelof is running the show and he has stated that this one would be pretty different from the other versions that people have watched and are associated to Watchmen. In a letter to public, he wrote that “Some of the characters will be unknown. New faces. New masks to cover them.” So, despite the fact that we know this yellow face-mask is the trademark of Rorschach, there are pretty much chances that it may belong to a new character.

However, considering the yellow color, it has been a staple in this series with the most notable symbol in the Watchmen being a yellow smiley face. It depicts several things, including the smiley face button which is as a result of a blood drop and will evoke doomsday clock’s hands. Moreover, another idea from the smiley is the loss of childhood innocence.

And talking about the policemen uniform, the popular dialogue comes into the mind, ‘who watches the watchmen?’ Well, it may not be a superhero or a greater power but the classes of special people who are in charge of protecting the public.


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