The Five-Year-Old Who Was Detained at the Border and Persuaded to Sign Away Her Rights By 

Helen is a cheerful, smart girl of five year age and she is an asylum seeker from the Honduras. When a social worker this summer asked the little girl about her strengths, she said that she is proud on her fast learning abilities and the expressions of her concerns and feelings. She also told him about her hobbies and the activities which she loved to do, like playing with her dolls and about her usual bedtime that she sleeps at 8:00 PM. She also told about the professional aspirations of her that she wants to be become a veterinarian. In July, the little girl Helen fled Honduras, her grandmother Noehmi and also some other relatives were there when the teen-age son of Noehmi was threatened by gangs and the family started feeling unsecure.

Helen’s mother had been shifted to Texas four years before and Noehmi then thought to seek legal assistance from there. With the help of Noehmi, Helen managed to travel for about thousands of miles, she also walked on foot and there came many chances when she was left behind the group. While they were crossing the Rio Grande, Helen got skipped and she was in a risk of drowning. Her grandmother grabbed her hand and also cried.

When they reached the scrubland of the south Texas, the patrol agents seized them and let them move through various detention centers. Just a month before this incident, the Trump’s administration announced the outcry about the systematic separation of the families who are migrating at the border. But at the packed processing center, Christian was taken from Noehmi and then was placed in the cage with young toddlers. Noehmi was still in the cold hold cell while clutching Helen.

Soon she listened to an official who informed her that Helen and she would be separated and she cried to request that Helen should be kept with her because she needs care. Nohemi said that the official told Noehmi to not to make the things more tough and he then pulled Helen away from her arms. He said to Noehmi that Helen will stay there and Nohemi will be deported. Helen was crying. Noehmi also explained that the mother of Helen would retrieve her from wherever they were taking her to. After that thay, Christian and Noehmi were again united and the other adults of the family were released.


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