People were really excited about the First man, but it would be sad for them to know that this had been badly flopped and not only in hometown but at the global level. Just after the three weeks of distribution, the movie was going to make $40 million according to the reports of deomestic but the deadline fell on top ten. This Thursday was the 20th day the first man has been released and what it earned was less than what was expected so it going at its worst.  The movie has got the production budget for $60 million while there was a big amount which was spent on the publicity about the half of the production budget. As the industry accepted formula, exhibitors took their 50 percent and they knew that this would earn something closer to @200 million as a breakeven. At the global level, it would be sad and also surprising to know that it wouldn’t even reach the half of the expected breakeven. Even the predictions and the expectations of the openings have also been rejected and fallen a prey for severe criticism. As a spin afterwards, if that first man would have legs it would be a sleeper or if there were any other changes, probably there would have been more profits or it has been occupied a next level in the industry, domestically and also worldwide.

This is really unbelievable for the people and no one could ever think about it that an American could be this bad at business especially for those who belong to the entertainment media are not going to believe this but here the controversy make people no doubt on this movie. This was the decision of the director writer to ignore the last century’s most iconic moments where the planting of the flag on the moon was done by Armstrong and it was tone dead and snobbish in both of the was like his star and he had done. This is really worse for especially in that world where the entertainment writers would be there with all the reasons they could ever have for excusing the dreadful box office for the first man. There would be everything than that for the real won that how wildly successful such movies like that could ever have been.  In a statement, it was said that the Americans really loves its astronauts and the day pioneers just more than the whole world could ever do.



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