Deputy Billy Dunn saved the life of a three year old girl who was abandoned in a hot car throughout the night. The act was recorded on cam as the kid was taken out of the car and it is not the most handsome of things that you will see.

The smart thinking and decent decision making skills of the Seminole County Deputy was enough to save the life of the child. Bill Dunn took her out of the car and brought her to the patrol where he turned on the air conditioner as he put the little girl in front of it.

At first, it was thought that the girl is dead but soon her eyes moved just a little which was noticed by the deputy.

The girl went to a booze shop with her mother previous day and was left by her mother in the car who, surprisingly, forgot that she had to get her little one out. As a result, the child spent her night in the car. The mother was charged with child neglect.

The girl was then taken to the hospital by Dunn where he took her to emergency and waited to be sure that she is going to be fine. The dashboard camera shows that he was exhausted as he went back to his car.

Deputy Dunn stated that he rescued the girl and upon noticing the fluttering of her eyes he took her to the hospital. It was an adrenaline rush that carried him all the way and as the job was done he felt how tiresome it was.

The girl was reunited with her family, healthy and happy, as a three year old should be, which was later seen by Deputy Dunn, as her father came to see and thanked the Deputy.


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