children using smartphones

Screen addiction is when the child can not control their use of a device, shows lack of interest in other activities, their device is the only think that occupies their thought the whole day, it does not allow them to socialize much,  tolerance may decrease day by day, and the only mood booster they have in life is that device. If you ponder upon it you will know what a sensitive issue screen addiction is. If something is not done soon, children will lose interest in almost everything other than the screen, which includes academics too.

A law was made that mobile phone and tablets will be banned in all French schools in the immediate next academic year, as soon as the new law won the Parliaments greatest votes.

The ban is restricted to all children who are at least 15 year old, from the coming September when the new semester begins.

The new law imposed is the completion of the promise of the French President named Emmanuel Macron. Emmanuel Macron is also facing a lot of hatred from the opposition when all he wants is the betterment of the new generation. The opposition believe that this step will play no part in lowering screen addiction among the children and called it a ‘publicity stunt’ and  it being ‘cosmetic’, as they considered it an unnecessary ban which had no proper initiative to believe in, they also think it has a negative impact on children as it obliges children freedom in a way or another.

All the opposition and hatred did not stop Emmanuel Macron to proceed the promise he made to his people. Lawmakers of the centrist LREM political party and his allies worked together to finally approve the bill on Monday. Even though it resulted in the MP’s around then to not considering to vote them.

This law encourages children to leave their electric devices at home before they leave for school. Moreover, the High school is the one having complete authority of either they think a complete ban should be practiced in the school or a partial one.

A similar law was imposed in 2010 that has already banned use of mobile phones during the class hours. The Educational Minister named Jean-Michel blanquer also agrees to the initiative the President Emmanuel Macron took. He also shared his opinion on how he think the old law did not have much importance due to it not being applied to every board of France.

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