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France vs. Croatia, the World Cup final match: The nation of about 4 million reached the final interestingly

So, the most awaited day has come, and there is the final match of FIFA World Cup 2018 between France and Croatia today on 15th of July 2018. Lately this Wednesday, Croatia has surprisingly beaten England and made its way towards the Final match which will be a new history in the Football world.

Croatia is a small country with a population of about 4.1 million people only, has made its way to the FIFA World Cup’s final match. It is the smallest country ever that remained successful in getting into a final game and created a new record.

Many young people of Croatia have started moving to West for their better future, and by this, we are assuming that Croatia’s population will be further reduced by the next FIFA World Cup in 2022 expected in Qatar.

It is very interesting, and we wonder how this small country has made so many great players who got their team defeat such renowned and strong teams like England and get their team in the finals of the World Cup.

According to the first president of Croatia Mr. Franjo Tudjman, “athletes are the real and best ambassadors of the country.” This made the games a sensitive matter and a source of national identity for the players. This enthusiasm and courage have made the team motivated, and they have finally earned a good name in Football.

The whole nation is sensitive about the sports, and they believe that the success of their team would be the success of their own. People of this nation define themselves with the achievements of the individuals or the sporting teams.

In the 1998 World Cup, when Croatia got able to reach the last four, President Tudjman motivated the whole team by saying that they did a fantastic job. Now people will see Croatia differently, and they will talk about the country with a brighter tone, he said.

Croatia team getting into the final of World Cup is also the best way for them to promote the country positively. Despite many obstacles for the athletes, the Croatia team has managed to get into the final, which is an actual achievement for the whole nation. Obstacles like not more than five international standard pitches that meet the UEFA’s standard requirements and appalling infrastructure for the football is not very encouraging for the football team or other athletes.

Besides these challenges that the Croatia Football team has to face, if they become the World champions, this will a most historic success for all of us.

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