Gabi launches plus size lingerine

Gabi Gregg, commonly known by her social media name Gabi Fresh, has been one of the most influential curvy females across the globe. She started blogging about a decade ago with herself being a self-proclaimed OG Fat Girl. Since then, she did numerous things that include starting her own fashion brand, Premme, with a fellow blogger Nicolette Mason. From designing bikinis to making swimsuits, the latest introduction to her brand is sexier than it has ever been.

The original line of lingerie collection was launched back in the fall of 2017 and the key items were sold in only 48 hours! So, this time, they went with Playful Promises and the blogger and designer was back at the collection. The on-trend lingerie pieces in collab comes with a diverse price tags, ranging from $19.50 to $84.50.

Gregg sent a press release to HelloGiggles where she talked about the lingerie stating that the aim of this collection is to make the females feel sexy and confidence no matter what size they are. As you wear a lingerie, it is an intimating experience and on option that is well deserved. Not only it will fit properly but would also look beautiful as the collection is designed with an intention.

Don’t forget to check Gabi Fresh on Instagram as she keeps posting update about her latest work and recent collections. Check out the collection and you might want to flex your bank account before it is again ‘sold out.’

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