Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere Date Confirmed For April 14 In First Official Teaser

This has now been months and months since people have been waiting for the last bone through of HBO and it has told the people that when they could actually expect the final and the new Game of Thrones season. But instead of giving those people an exact date, they also have been so kind to give them a look for the upcoming installment which is the official trailer of the season.

This is completely right in that way that would make it able to feats the eyes on the amazing Westeros action on 14th april. This is the 15th april in UK as it would be simulcasting it with the US meaning which it airs at 2am on the 15UK time on Monday.

This teaser-trailer isn’t going to offer so much as in terms of the spoilers for the season but that’s certainly is something which gives chills and it shows that Sansa Stark, Arya and Snow have been in the crypts that are underneath the Winterfell which have their ancestors who have once been buried.

But they happened to be upon that in three statuses which have given them an identical look before they could have a room which the life had sucked out from that and this is something which really matters as White Walkers is going to head towards South. 

One thing that is really necessary for the fans to know regarding the final season is that it going to be lengthy and based on six episodes and that is however you have been upset for the HBO CEO Richard Plepler who has told the audiences about the new episodes to whom that have been watching the movie.  Surely that man would be at the top that already has been and they would have a look on the series and in an interview said that this is really spectacle as the guys now have done six movies with the reaction that he still would be watching the movie.  Now this thing is surely enough that it would start salivating their mouths and this is what the information generally was.


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