Game of Thrones Stars

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones (who’s not?), then we might have a bad news for you here. The finale, which was stated to come out in April 2019, is appearing to be delayed for a few more months.

HBO is set to complete the story in 2019, wrapping up the series with 8 seasons. However, it is suggested that there can be some delay because the episodes will not be ready by then, especially the last few ones.

So, when can we expect it?

Well, the authorities at HBO have clearly stated that the season is coming to an end in 2019. In early 2018, their twitter handle confirmed the news that the 8th season of the series will air next year.

There were strong suggestions that we might be able to see it coming to a conclusion in April. However, with current news, it seems like things will go a little far as the season won’t air until May 2019.

All the speculation comes from the words of visual effects supervisor, Joe Bauer, who talked to Huffington Post stating that the season won’t be ready for the nominees of Emmy Awards next year. To be eligible for that, the season has to air majority of its episodes, if not all, prior to 31st May 2019.

‘We’re going to be toiling away on season eight until May of 2019, so it’s eight or nine months away,’ he explained.

Considering this, the fans seem to be a bit curious about the delay as the format of the season was modified recently. With the last season airing only 7 episodes and the finale set to come up with six, it is surprising to know that there is so much delay in its making.

Explaining it to the public earlier this year, the authorities from HBO claimed that the show runners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, were willing to take as much time as required to assure that the finale is a blockbuster and at the highest level of quality.



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