Gamefly is shutting down

According to the official messages of the company, Gamefly is thinking to shut down the gaming services of it in this August. The news says that the last day for this game will be 31st of this August and it will not be streamed after it. The message also stated that only the streaming of video games would be closed, but the company will continue to sell the disc-based versions of its games via email. The sets of Gamefly are compatible to work on a smart TV and could also be streamed by using some high definition media players online.

Cloud Gaming Technology

This company started providing its services in the year 2002, and in the beginning, it began renting video games and then mailed them in the form of game discs to the users. The company charged a monthly fee for this rental service. The company was founded by Toby Len, Sean Spectator, and Jung Suh. At the time of its start, the company was so famous, and it was considered to be one of the best video games providers. After getting a huge hit back, the company acquired Moby Games and Shacknews in the year 2011. At the start of this year, a piece of news was heard which said that EA is planning to acquire the personnel of the company and the cloud technology too.

A liberated mean to Watch

The chief of the technology at Electronic Arts, Ken Moss, says that people, who love to play the games online and want to enjoy every feature of the game, must switch to cloud gaming. It is an excellent opportunity for them to play these games from anywhere and from any device. Ken Moss added that EA is the most thrilling and exciting game which has brought the talent of GameFly into it. He also said that he will introduce innovation in the world of games and would make the gameplay more exciting and thrilling.  The spokesman of EA said that when they first acquired the company. They bought it in Israel. The acquisition was not only of the companies, yet the technology of the company was also acquired. He further said that at that time they did not acquire the Gamefly service and now the company is planning to achieve something big by making plans to make more acquisitions related to these services. He said that nothing is final right now but the company is thinking on this perspective and soon there will be a big decision.  According to a safe and trustworthy source, it has been cleared that Gamefly has decided to stop their online streaming of games this August due to some reason. The further information about gamefly is shutting down from the source added that the company has decided to discontinue this streaming just after the EA purchased the cloud technology for service. So it is clear that somehow the reason behind this big decision is nothing but the purchase of cloud streaming technology.

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