George Foreman’s Daughter Died by Suicide in Texas

Freeda Foreman, George Foreman’s daughter, has been reported to die of suicide attempt over the weekend. On the basis of an evidence found near the place she gave up her life, it was apparent that she hanged herself to death.

The county where Freeda Foreman was found dead was the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office in Texas. The spokesperson of this particular county told that the primary signs of the death of  Freeda Foreman is apparently suicide. Though the final sentence on the reason behind the death will be given by the coroner, sources of the law enforcement who were fully aware of the investigation process, told that Freeda Foreman seems to be dead through asphyxiation. Observing no suspected foul play, all indications imply that she hanged herself to death.

George Foreman had a boxing career that lasted much longer than her daughter Freeda Foreman. She only appeared in 6 bouts. Among them, she won 5. In the year 2001, she retired from her boxing career with a 5-1 record having lost the match for the first time. It was reported that George Foreman paid her daughter Freeda Foreman so that she quit her boxing career. The reason that came forward was that he didn’t feel quite happy about her being in the ring. Freeda Foreman had a husband, 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren, and 11 siblings. At the time she died, she was 42 years in age. Rest in peace!

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