George Pell sentenced to six years' jail for sexually abusing two choirboys

George Pell has been announced to be sentenced in jail for six years because he had sexually abused two choirboys at the time when he was the Catholic archbishop in 1990s in Melbourne. Last December, Pell who was of age 77 had been found to be guilty of sexually abusing two choirboys by the jury after there was a Sunday mass in 1996 December and it assaulted some of them for the second time which was two months back.

The man at some part of time was known to be the most powerful catholic sat in Australia in the dock dressed in grey blazer and black shirt and that also didn’t has the decrial collar while he delivered his sentence by the country court chief judge. 

The chief judge gave a description on the abuse made by Pell to two choirboys while in St Patrick’s as this was actually a forcible and a brazen attack on victims. He said that the acts basically were sexually graphic while both of them were audibly and visibly distressed in the duration of offending.

The chief judge gave a statement in which he said that there was a relationship of trust among them with the victims and the relationship though was clear and he had broken and breached the trust of their relationship by abusing his position just to facilitate the offending.  He said that he will characterize those breaches and abuses like grave.



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