Georgia teacher who was accused of sexually abusing a sixth grader found dead

Coming from the police report last Wednesday, a Georgia teacher who was accused of sexually abusing a sixth grader has been found dead with a gunshot wound indicating the reason of death.

The 28 year old Zachary Meadors who was a resident of Lawrenceville was found on 1200 block of Scenic highway lying lifeless in a vehicle. The gunshot wound is said to be self-inflicted as the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported the matter.

Meadors was charged with the sexual allegations and was said to possess inappropriate relationship with a 6th grade boy. Working at the Freedom Middle School, the arrest warrant was possessed by the DeKalb County Police for the arrest.

As per the report provided by WSB, the person had several allegations upon him. These included the computer pornography along with child molestation and exploitation.

Meadors was working at the Freedom Middle School for two years now and was handed over the responsibility of teaching English to the students of sixth grade. This Friday, the school put Meadors on unpaid leave.

The parents of Meadors filed a mission persons’ report about their child on Monday as they were provided with an iPad and various letters. It is believed that the English teacher left the content at the doorstep of his parents before leaving.

Acording to the report of missiong person, it was said that Meadors was last seen alive on Saturday, being sorry and apologizing for the misconduct and inappropriate relationship with the student. He also requested the parents to divide his assets and leftovers among the family members.


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