Many mid-lifers taking their second (or even third) chance on love will probably find that the rules have changed. As a 50-plus couple planning your wedding, it should really be all about what you want, and not what the wedding planners have in mind. In order to make the day fabulous, here are a few ideas that will make your nuptial day better.

Register for Gifts

Probably you think you already have everything you would need. After all, it is almost impossible to make it to your 50’s without getting a blender. However, it’s still a good idea to engage a few wedding registries so your friends and relatives know what you would like.

A second set of good china may not be of interest to you, but getting into a variety of registries offers you plenty of other choices. For instance, you may consider getting a honeymoon registry for guests who would prefer gifting experiences over physical items. If cooking is a real passion for you, consider registering for a professional upgrade.

For the Bride

It is critical that you have your make-up done, including your nails and hair in preparation for the wedding day. He may have fallen in love with the natural look where you never do more than a fleeting dusting of powder and some lip-gloss. However, keep in mind that your wedding will have photographs that are likely to last forever.

In addition, white stopped signifying virginity years ago, and even new brides wear colors; so, why shouldn’t the older bride? Furthermore, online stores like have over 100 shades of white, and there’s nothing stopping you from choosing your favorite.

If there are granddaughters in the picture, have them scatter pretty flower petals, but remember that most other rehearsed duties can be the cause of painful tantrums. Fortunately, you have the option of recruiting the golden girls – your girlfriends. While the groom has the choice of his gang, the wedding is mostly about you.

Your Event

Whether the wedding ceremony and reception is to take place in your home or a hotel, you need to ensure that there’s plenty of sitting room and quiet corners. It is irritating when you have to shout over the music while trying to have a decent conversation. Plus, also have a seating chart.

If both or one of you was married before, expect some complicated relationships. It’s important you create a well-choreographed plan of who sits next to whom. In addition, get a good sound system and sort out the music, sound levels, and choices.


Kids from your previous relationships, your step kids, the exes, or even perhaps the friends that took sides in your previous marriage are all potential minefields. Many friends will want to show up at weddings that involves a husband’s estranged family. But, the ex-wife – especially if you are the cause of their breakup – should definitely be there.

Establish a golden rule where your ex can attend family weddings on his or her own. Plus, for the couple over 50, there’s a good chance that several relationships have already been made within their friends group. If you’re uncomfortable about accepting any wedding invitation, it’s best to decline graciously.


As a mid-50s couple, there’re high chances are that you don’t have parents with business connections or colleagues who they can invite. And while there’s that advantageous parental control disconnection over your wedding plans, you should involve them in things like picking out flowers and other tasks. After your successful 50’s marriage, prepare to love with a teenager’s intensity coupled with your years of wisdom!


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