Moose chases utah golfer

A Facebook video clip gets an overwhelmingly amazing response in which a huge and gigantic Moose chases a Memorial Day golfers couple and freaks them out to death almost.

Utah. 2nd. June, 2018: It was a fine good day for the couple, Mark Redican and his wife. They were just enjoying their time and playing golf at Park City Golf Club. The day was normal and fine when a staffer came to them to inform them about a seriously huge Moose which was at loose. The couple was told to stay vigilant and careful. Redican reproduced what the staffer had told that “She said, “Hey, just to give you a heads up, there’s a moose here so just keep your eye out.'” This seemed to be a very normal and not so threatening warning and so the couple did not pay much heed to it.

It did not take long when an unexpectedly a monstrous crazy gigantic Moose appeared and advancing very fast towards them. Redican tells that he had prepared himself for a great shot until his wife in an astonished and alarmed tone told him about the appearance of the moose. And they had not expected it to be that huge and scary.

Redican narrates that this Moose was larger than their golf cart and was directly coming towards them they got so frightened that hurriedly they jumped into the golf cart and tried to escape the situation.

The video was made by Emily Clearwater who lives in Phoenix. She saw this gigantic moose advancing towards the couple and quickly made a 46-second video on her mobile phone. This video was eventually uploaded on Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Facebook page. From there the video got viewed over 28000 times.

Luckily and for unknown reasons, the moose stopped chasing the poor couple and stopped running after them. Finally, the couple thought the danger is over but little did they know, that it was not all the moose was not going to quit so easily in this couple.

After wandering in the trees the noose found its way to the couple area after a few minutes. It seemed that the moose did not have enough of trolling the poor couple who just wanted to enjoy some time together playing golf on a fine day.

Yet again the moose made its way to golf area and advanced towards the same couple. Redican, was a bit agitated by interruption created by this moose as he was having a great game of golf. This time he did not rush away and made sure to par the hole this time, which he successfully did.

The couple does agree that this moose really gave them a heart attack type feeling and gave them a good fright. But on the other hand, they had no hard feeling for the gigantic moose and feel that it was just a funny experience of life. For them, it is an incident that they can narrate to their friends and family and have a good laugh on it.

A similar video of a moose got viral lately, where a moose was seen having fun on a ski slope with snowboarders in Colorado.

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