City funds were being in use by Gillum for the personal expense

The state laws have been broken by the Tallahassee mayor and the gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum because he has been using the city funds for his private flights on developer’s plane for a meeting with the campaign donors. This flight accounts somehow contradicts with the accounts of his previous flights which he had earlier this week. The latest headache for Gillum has been marked by the revelation that he had received the tickets for his Broadway musical Hamilton from an FBI agent who posed to be a developer in the summers of the year 2016. Gillum maintained speaking that he has got those tickets from his brother and he kept on assuming that his brother was the one who paid for those tickets.

Chris Kris who has been the lawyer of Gillum Backer and Adam Corey is a GOP connected lawyer and the official documents were released by him which followed the subpoena by Florida commission on ethics along the FBI that has investigated about the potential corruption at the highest level of the city government.

But still he has not been identified as probe and even not as a criminal of wrong doing. Gillum took the flight from Tallahassee to Tampa Bay international airport in year 2016 on 12th February. He was there to attend an event at the Capital Grille restaurant which in the documents was described as meet and greet tampa donors. The people who were included in the donors were the local business executives and the lobbyists and some high profile lawyers. But in last August, it was reported by the Tallahassee democrat that it was maintained by the Gillum’s office to be an official business.

Gillum’s Statement

Gillum’s spokeswoman, spoked on his behalf that he was there as he was invited by Peter Leach for conducting a meeting in his office so that he could learn about some important work which was being done by him in order to wrap around the social services and the house developments which he had been doing so far. She said that while his visit to Tampa, the mayor also had some meetings with the political party’s leaders before he could come back to Tallahassee. It was also mentioned that the city expense accounts could only be used for the public expenses or the expenses which are in connection to it. If anyone is found to violate these laws would be held in jail for the punishment of one year.



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