Ruth Bader, the Supreme Court’s associate justice of the U.S had a talk with Nina Totenberg during the Film Festival in Filmmaker Lodge. The Justice Ruth Bader is in hope that she will remain in Supreme Court until is she is of 90 years of age. She said that is of 85 right now and she is expected to stay more. She wishes to stay more in the court. She thinks that as her senior colleague was retired when she was 90 so she is of the view that she also has the time for five years more until she reaches 90. She is hopeful that she has five more years of her life in Supreme Court.

She needs two more terms and for this purpose, Ruth Bader has hired the new law clerks and she is hopeful that she’ll be successful to gain the terms. Ginsburg also spoke in the production of a play named as The Originalist. This play was produced in New York. The play was about the Justice Antonin Scalia.  The play was held at the 59E59 Theater. She was highly inspired by the play and she shared her thoughts that if she were given a chance to write for court and to make selection then she would only choose Justice Scalia. She called it like a ping-pong game. Ginsburg also said that the decision of opening a Military Institute for women cadets was the 18th draft of her. When Molly Smith, the director of ‘‘The Originalist’’ asked Ginsburg that why she is so hopeful, Ginsburg replied by citing her late husband and she said that if he was now alive, he would have said that the symbol for U.S should not be the eagle and it should be pendulum. She said that when everything is going on in opposite direction, you can then count up on its fluctuation back. She was hopeful about stay in court throughout the meeting.

When Ginsburg was asked about the terms for retirement, she told that there is no chance for that but still she have hired law clerks. She further added that for getting the term limits, you need to modify the constitution and according to the article 3 of the constitution, the offices are held with good behavior. To add laughter she said that most judges behave well.  Throughout the meeting, she seemed to be hopeful and satisfied.

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